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Projects & Consulting
Consulting is more than giving advise

Project Management and Consulting Drive Change

Alberta Managed IT technology consultants, focus on helping our clients with the development and application of Information Technology (IT) within their organization. We focus on transitions (projects) in the IT-landscape, contrary to regular IT-employees, who work on day-to-day IT operations. 

Alberta Managed IT work with our clients to define the characteristics of a project:

  1. A clear start and end date –  Projects need to have a clear beginning, a definite end, and an overview of what happens in between.

  2. A project creates something new – Every project is unique, producing something that did not previously exist. A project is a one-time, once-off activity, never to be repeated exactly the same way again.

  3. A project has boundaries – A project operates within certain constraints of time, money, quality, and functionality.













Implementation Methodology

Project implementation is delivered in 5 phases: 

  1. Initiation: This phase involves making the case for the project. A Project Initiation Document (PID) is created with basic information about the project including probable resource use and feasibility.

  2. Planning: This phase occurs once a project has received approval from stakeholders. This is a critical phase that involves a myriad of tasks including contingency planning, allocating tasks, and planning resource sharing.

  3. Execution: This is the phase when the actual work happens. Periodical reviews are conducted to ensure that execution happens within schedule.

  4. Monitoring: Monitoring happens in tandem with execution. Constant monitoring by the project manager is required to ensure that work goes on minus hiccups.

  5. Closure: This phase involves the important final tasks in the project including project delivery to the client and documenting the learnings from the project.

When is a Project Considered a Success?

The short of it is that a project that is completed on time and on a budget can be considered a success. However, a project can be evaluated on many criteria:

  • Does it meet business requirements?

  • Is it delivered on schedule and on a budget?

  • Does it deliver the expected value and ROI?

What defines a successful project is likely to change based on the type of project. This is why Alberta Managed IT works with our clients to define what project success means during the initiation and planning phases of a project.

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