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Alberta Managed IT

Our Story

Founded in 2008, Alberta Managed IT provides a comprehensive range of computer and technology solutions specializing in cloud computing. The cloud is changing the way businesses use technology.  It's making solutions available to small and medium sized businesses that were once only available to large enterprise organizations.  It is also making solutions more accessible and affordable, giving you the ability to be more productive.

Our technology advisers are fully trained at pinpointing and solving a broad range of computer and technology problems. Passionate About Business Alberta Managed IT focuses on working with you to understand your business and provide you the products and services that will bring the most value to your business and your employees. We work hard to harmonize your business requirements with technology solutions that are secure, reduce cost and accessible where and when you need them. 

At Alberta Managed IT we live by 4 tenants – Solve, Create, Manage, Enhance. Working together our solutions give you the ability to stay agile and shift your business in the direction you need it to move.

But that is not all. As we get to know your business, we look for ways to enhance you IT systems. We look for ways to save you money or improve business processes. We will become your trusted IT advisor.













Service Methodology

Managed services from Alberta Managed IT gives your business a competitive edge, taking on everyday management and maintenance of your business’s critical systems and infrastructure so you can focus on what matters to you — running your business.

Our Methodology consists of three phases:

  1. Consultation

  2. Implementation

  3. Manage

Consultation Phase

  • Plan- We develop an integrated set of managed services that strategically align with your business infrastructure and goals. We'll conduct a complete systems audit to outline and evaluate your current technological landscape.

  • Analyze- Next, we determine training needs and discuss the level of project management required. Design experts build on our analysis to create a custom solution based on best practices for your business.

  • Design- We collaborate with your team to create an individual roadmap of services, selected from our world-class product options, and customized for your needs – to elevate your business productivity and increase revenue.

Implementation Phase

  • Build- Albert Managed IT services team will start the implementation process based on the agreed-upon project plan. As we transition into the build, our experts facilitate the process by creating and implementing training and migration plans.

  • Test- Next, this critical phase tests the solution design to ensure passage of all benchmarks. Multiple testing methodologies are used to ensure that any possible issues are eliminated before the launch.

  • Go Live- After Alberta Managed IT team and the client have signed off on the testing phase, deployment begins, and a project completion document is issued with applicable build documentation to track the launch and monitor ongoing progress.


Manage Phase

  • Monitoring- Long after consultation and implementation, we continue to monitor your customized solutions, using our expert staff and best practices to ensure 24-7/365 reliability.

  • Support- Having a well-maintained and proactively managed IT infrastructure will always prepare you for success. But should something go wrong, help from Alberta Managed IT experts is just a phone call away.

Alberta Managed IT business model was built around our service model. Our rounded experience in multi disciplines such as management consulting, application development, system integration and infrastructure management positions us well to first understand our client’s business model and delivery programs, then, to recommend technical solutions for optimizing the delivery of these programs.

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