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Cloud Migrations & Modernization
The benefits of cloud

While cloud brings organizations many benefits, agility is often one of the most important. By enabling rapid testing of new ideas, faster innovation, and the ability to get up and running in a new environment in a short time frame, cloud makes it easier to respond to sudden change and experiment with the dynamic relationship between consumers and products.


Beyond its agility, the cloud’s scalability and high availability support digitization projects that are vital to today’s markets, such as developing collaboration tools for remote workers, supporting flexible networking, and becoming data-centric. Within these initiatives, security also remains a leading concern; the ability to protect customer, employee, and proprietary business data across cloud and on-premises environments is another significant benefit. 


In addition to these features, the cloud allows businesses to increase sustainability, support more imaginative innovation projects, and achieve numerous other benefits. 













Migrate, modernize, or both 

For businesses looking to get started in the cloud, the big question is “Where do we begin?” The answer boils down to migration and modernization, two approaches that are complementary and highly interrelated.  


Migration allows you to take advantage of an infrastructure that’s elastic, scalable, secure, and cost-effective. Modernization leverages that infrastructure to improve the performance, agility, and user experience of legacy applications.  


As industry embrace the benefits of the cloud, it’s also important to maintain synergy with existing infrastructure, driving a sharp increase in the adoption of hybrid and multicloud services.

Expanding your cloud value

Once in the cloud, you’ll be able to take advantage of numerous opportunities to enhance your ability to understand and meet customer needs, drive efficiency and creativity, and improve your response to changing market trends.


For example, as your cloud infrastructure grows, you might leverage the significant data resources gathered through point of sale (POS), customer loyalty, and online data capture to optimize the customer experience. You might also take a customer-centric approach to your supply chain, using artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analysis to respond more proactively to evolving customer needs.

Get started today 


Alberta Managed IT makes it easy to begin or continue their digital transformation. Comprehensive resources and guidance make planning and executing migration and modernization strategies easier. Talk to us about your cloud vision and let us help you get started. 

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